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All-in-one Diapers

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BerryPlush All-in-One Diapers

These chic new diapers are a must have for any diaper stash! The outer shells are a plush layer of Minkee fabric with an inner layer of coordinating pul. There is a snap in soaker which is hemp topped with a layer of white Minkee.

Minkee fabric is SO soft that you will find it hard to resist touching it! It is definitely addictive!!

We offer additional BerryPlush snap in soakers sold seperately -- just snap a new one in the diaper until the outer shell is soiled! The outer shell of the diaper can also be used as a cover over many other types of diapers making these AIO's a great value!

BerryPlush AIOs are now available in 3 sizes.

Size Weight Rise Waist Leg
Small 9-18lbs 15.5" 10-18" 5-12"
Medium 16-25lbs 17.5" 10-18" 6-14"
Large 20-35lbs 18.5" 13-25" 7.5-14"

***NOTE: It is best to go by your baby's measurements--especially the rise for the best fit/performance. The weight ranges are ONLY approximations and we cannot guarantee that the diaper will fit all babies that are within the weight ranges. ***

BerryPlush ™ - Rainforest-Berry Plush All-in-one diapers Rainforest
BerryPlush ™ - Rainforest
BerryPlush™- Northern Lights-Berry Plush All-in-one Diapers Northern Lights
BerryPlush™- Northern Lights
BerryPlush™ - Ocean-Berry Plush All-in-one Diapers Ocean
BerryPlush™ - Ocean
BerryPlush ™ -  Jaguar-BerryPlush ™ -  Jaguar
BerryPlush ™ - Jaguar
Out of Stock
BerryPlush ™ -  Dalmation-BerryPlush All-in-one Diaper -Dalmation
BerryPlush ™ - Dalmation
Out of Stock
Berry Plush™ - Cheetah-Berry Plush™ All-in-one diaper -Cheetah
Berry Plush™ - Cheetah
Out of Stock
Berry Plush™- Turquoise-Berry Plush™- Turquoise
Berry Plush™- Turquoise
Out of Stock
Berry Plush™- Firestorm-Berry Plush™ All in one diapers- Firestorm
Berry Plush™- Firestorm
Berry Plush™- Everglade-Berry Plush™ All in one diaper- Everglade
Berry Plush™- Everglade
BerryPlush ™ - Leopard-BerryPlush ™ - Leopard
BerryPlush ™ - Leopard
BerryPlush ™ - Black-BerryPlush ™ - Black
BerryPlush ™ - Black
BerryPlush ™ - Sunrise-BerryPlush ™ - Sunrise All in one Diaper
BerryPlush ™ - Sunrise